The technology trends that matter to sales teams

“ Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win ’’ — Jeffrey Gitomer 

The convergence of mobile, analytics, context-rich systems, and the cloud is transforming the sales process and allowing buyers and salespeople to engage more effectively with one another. Gartner, an Technology Trends – Anoma Tech research and advisory firm, recently published a list of the top strategic technology trends.

Some have significant implications for sales teams, such as:

1. Computing everywhere: Buyers and salespeople can now communicate with each other from anywhere, at any time, thanks to the rapid development of mobile.

2. Advanced, prevalent, and invisible analytics: Companies can provide the right assistance to salespeople and customers at the right time by seamlessly layering analytics on top of linked data on customers, sales activities, and salespeople.

3. Context-rich systems: Data and analytical insights can be tailored to specific customer and company personnel situations. The customization corresponds exactly to how salespeople think and work.

4. Cloud computing and software-defined infrastructure: Enables rapid system deployment and scaling to meet the changing needs of the business, customers, and sales force.

“If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, neither will your prospect.” — Frank Bettger

Consider the following examples:

A telecommunications company created a filtering model that used advanced analytics to recommend to account salespeople which products and services to offer to each customer based not only on previous purchases within that account but also on purchases in other accounts with a similar profile (i.e., “data doubles”). In addition, the model predicted the size of the opportunity and the likelihood of purchase at each account.

The data and Technology Trends – Anoma Tech enabled the sales force to better match products with customers, resulting in increased adoption of new product lines and increased opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

To improve the sales process, a financial services company examined millions of phone records and listened to dozens of calls. Using advanced analytics, the company discovered simple but revolutionary insights.

“How you sell is more important than what you sell.” — Andy Paul

Firstly, for start-ups, salespeople could increase profits by 16 percent by focusing on just seven of the fourteen target industries.

Second, by scheduling calls at the right time of day, salespeople can triple their chances of making a sale and increase their profits by 20%.

Third, salespeople can improve their results by employing top-performing sales techniques.

As new trends emerge, sales teams must constantly and creatively adapt and accommodate new technologies in order to improve sales processes and provide better customer service.

Technology Trends – Anoma Tech

Surprisingly, using technology to improve sales processes is not a new concept. To broaden their geographic reach, the first “traveling salesmen” used the railroad and then the automobile.

At Anoma Tech, smart solutions are at the heart of everything we do. Our main goal is to find smart ways to use Technology Trends – Anoma Tech to help build a better future for everyone, everywhere, and to adopt and adapt new technologies to improve sales processes by using today’s technology trends.

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