Employee Motivation in Remote Workers

“ Remote work is the future of work. ” — Alexis Ohanian

As more companies discover the value of remote workers, a distributed workforce is gradually taking over.

Although Employee Motivation – Anoma Tech have distinct requirements and motivations from their in-office or hybrid colleagues, it is crucial for executives to keep this in mind.

1. Increase Team Awareness and Understanding:

Leaders must strive to increase team members’ awareness and comprehension of one another in distant work environments. In order to explore and gradually expose motivators, interests, passions, and more, it is necessary to be vulnerable on a personal level first, followed by purposeful questioning and attentive listening. This is exemplified by The Johari Window as “ moving the concealed parts into the open.

“ Remote workers are happiest when they spend more than 76% of their time working remotely ”

2. Come up with strategies for daily interaction:

Every day, the team meets for a 15-minute huddle. We discuss our top concerns for the day, ask for assistance if necessary, and volunteer to assist any of our teammates who require assistance. Because we work as a cohesive team, we can establish relationships this way, monitor important concerns, and provide superior service to our clients.

3. Employ digital tools for collaboration:

Because they are also people that is, emotional creatures who need to feel connected to other people remote workers are no different from office workers in this regard. Digital collaboration tools can be used in this situation. A “wall of faces” is insufficient. Individual human contact and the satisfying sensation of contributing significantly to a team must prevail.

4. Develop trust:

Invest time in fostering trust. Trust works wonders as a motivator. Working at one’s own pace and knowing that the task will get done even if a team member puts in a different number of hours than you anticipate are two advantages of Employee Motivation – Anoma Tech You are doing more harm than good if you start micromanaging, continually checking in, and demanding routine updates.

“ When people are free to choose where in the world they want to work, they simply enjoy their day-to-day work more ” — Brian De Haff

5. Establish Channels to Promote Achievements:

Remote workers require connection and validation at least as much as those who work in person. Peers can celebrate one other’s successes in front of the entire organization by doing something as simple as starting a #praise or #snaps channel on Slack or whatever messaging app your firm employs.

“ We like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge that they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently ’’ — Richard Branson

Employee Motivation – Anoma Tech


It can be difficult to keep your staff motivated amid the pandemic and support their ability to Employee Motivation – Anoma Tech But for ‘productive’ remote working, implementing a few fundamental strategies to keep your team inspired can make all the difference.

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